Pregnancy is a most crucial stage of parenting, however a neglected one for the last several millennia. And prior to conceiving a child, it is vastly empowering to explore the fecund universe of prenatal parenting and its impact on humanity.” in "Pregnancy Matters!" by Prenatal Alliance

On March 22, 2024, we celebrate the WORLD PREGNANCY DAY to create awareness about the role and impact our life in the womb has in the physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellness of all adults around the world. To be aware of prenatal life’s relevance needs to become a fundamental human right, a public responsibility, and a common good, to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful world and unlock the human potential in every person.

Education starts in the womb

Pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, as well as the fourth trimester, provide unique opportunities for improving human societies, as in the womb, babies develop their emotions, their senses and physical organs, based on how the mother experiences life. This prenatal education is key for nations to succeed in breaking the transgenerational cycle of war and selfishness.

Why a World Pregnancy Day?

This celebration can help spread relevant information on the role parents have in the formation of their babies from conception to pregnancy and beyond, increasing awareness and improving prenatal education worldwide


Womb Peace is World Peace

Prenatal life’s relevance needs to become a fundamental human right in order to build a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful world.



Our celebration of the World Pregnancy Day took place on March 22, 2024 at the 3-Day Prenatal Wellness Virtual Summit - Promoting Mother and Baby's Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Social Health. This online summit was held online on March 22, 23 and 24, promoted by Prenatal Alliance. If you would like to gain access to all summit videos for a small donation, register here!


The impact of prenatal life on our common future!

Scientific research in the field of neurobiology and epigenetics show that unborn babies are as vulnerable to their environment inside the womb as they are outside of it. During pregnancy, the mother reactions tell the baby about the world outside and become information that guide the baby's future physical, emotional, and psychological development.

In this short video you will know about the importance of our time in the womb for the development of thriving, loving and altruistic children and adults.

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