On March 22, 2024, we will celebrate the first WORLD PREGNANCY DAY and its theme, “Prenatal Wellness to Change the World” to increase awareness about the global role and impact of prenatal life.

Transforming the future requires an urgent call to action: a yearly World Pregnancy Day will be a platform to showcase transformations in the field of Prenatal Well-being. To be aware of prenatal life’s relevance needs to become a fundamental human right in order to build a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful world. Let’s generate a debate around how to better construct and strengthen prenatal awareness: prenatal health must be acknowledged as a public responsibility, a common good, to unlock the human potential in every person.


The WORLD PREGNANCY DAY is a pioneer candidate to becoming a GLOBAL DAY FOR THE HUMAN RACE


This World Pregnancy Day will be observed yearly around the world, on March 22nd. Prenatal Alliance (Norway) along with APPPAH - Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (USA), ISPPM - International Society for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Medicin (Germany), Research Institute of Prenatal Sciences SOPHIA and Prenatal Sciences Partnership (Greece), OMAEP - World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations (France) and other international organizations – have declared this as a day dedicated to increasing awareness about the relevance of life’s beginnings, from conception onward, for the quality of Human Civilization.


Education starts in the womb

We become a parent from the moment we start thinking about having a baby. Realizing how much you influence the physical and psychological development of your baby in womb is key to the formation of thriving, peaceful and healthy human beings.


Pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, as well as the fourth trimester, provide unique opportunities for improving human societies, as in the womb, babies develop their emotions, their senses and physical organs, based on how the mother experiences life. This prenatal education is key for nations to succeed in breaking the transgenerational cycle of war and selfishness.


During pregnancy, babies are conscious observers, they bring their own characteristics and also influence their mother’s psyche

All of their cells record everything the mother feels, and react to it – some genes are activated, others are silenced or even modified. Indeed, each mother’s reaction to life becomes information that influence the baby’s future physical and psychological development. Parents are “genetic engineers” of sorts, and this new understanding accentuates the impact mothers and fathers have on the formation of their child.


A parent’s right to be educated and informed about the importance of pregnancy is paramount in today’s world

Conception and life in the womb orientate the formation of the brain’s circuitry either toward fear and defense, aggression, loneliness, anxiety, or toward love and cooperation, trust and safety. Prenatal experiences influence the fine architecture of the brain. Prenatal excessive stress can have long-lasting effects on the mind and body of the future child and adult, favoring depression, mental and motor disorders, psychosomatic symptoms and a predisposition to aggression and violence. Thus, prenatal science and prenatal education need to be taught from preschool to college, and couples should prepare for this transition and their new parenting roles.


If we want to have world peace, we need womb peace

Prenatal life strengthens or weakens the flourishing of genetic abilities and talents. How we develop and learn depends on a dynamic interplay between nature (individual genetic endowment) and nurture (nutritional, emotional, physical, stimuli). A pregnancy shrouded in violence tends to generate violent people, a peaceful pregnancy instead tends to engender people who love the world and are gifted in relationships, peace seekers. Children born from a valued and harmonious pregnancy have a heightened capacity for learning, socializing, respecting nature and fellow humans. So, when pregnant women feel supported and safe, one day their children will contribute to building a world without war or misery.


We need societies who know how to live with each other and also amongst themselves

It’s time for our politicians to get invested in the beginning of life, a time when possibilities abound, and foster prenatal well-being by applying what science and ancient wisdoms teach us. Based on the 20/80 ratio, in which a wise low investment brings a high return, together with Frederick Douglas we can all acknowledge that “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” By investing worldwide minimal resources on pregnancy, we can have an immeasurable return in public health, drastically dropping expenses related to mental and physical illnesses, social violence and criminality.


Thriving not just surviving!

Well-lived pregnancies are the beginning of generations who will experience kinship with all life. By choosing to address the very roots of human beings, we can legitimately change the course of every nation on earth. It should be the first need and obligation of today’s society.


We have no idea of the harmony that awaits human civilization when pregnant women understand they are building our common future.


2024, January,1st






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